Haibun 1

My last night. Next day I’d report for boot camp.

Wars and rumors of war, but the only matter of importance was taking off Laura’s clothes.

She, also 17, lay beside me– sweet, intelligent, scathingly funny –and crying incessantly. Hit me like a cold, cold shower.

Yes, sir, I would be the only virgin in the entire armed forces of these United States of America. Oorah! Sob.

Hooked her bra, wiped her eyes with tissue, a hug and took her home. When I got back I started putting away the Cold Duck.

Knock. Knock, knock. It was Meredith. Tall, dark and honeysome, an older woman of 20. Asking me let’s go for a drive, it’s so hot. I decide not to cry.

laughing, shifting
she becomes a stretch
of glowing moon