an amateur arranger of words


This site is dedicated to J. Kirk Richards of Sanford, Florida and to Sharon Rummery of San Francisco.

Influences are Emily Dickinson, James Wright, Basho, Daisaku Ikeda, and Li Po. My favorite ice cream is Chunky Monkey and I like staying in the van while others revel on long walks at the beach.&

Tell your friends, tell your enemies about this revue.

Thank you!

Bruce Jewett


19 thoughts on “an amateur arranger of words

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  2. Thank you… You taught me a new short pattern with the go,go,go is that 3 lines with just 5 syllables… just to be clear.
    I also like pi ku (sent.syll/ 1/3, 2/1, 3/4) and tau ku (sent.syll 1/6, 2/2, 3/8.
    Visiting from Pure Haiku.

  3. As far as I can tell, I made up the go-go-go (5-5-5) form. I tend to think in that pattern. In the verse recitation of the Lotus Sutra, every line is 5 syllables. Basho wrote to his students that syllable count should not be more important than the sound and sense of a poem. I’m afraid that go-go-go is not on an accepted list of haiku hybridsβ€” yet.

  4. Thanks –
    That’s OK… I tend not to follow ‘accepted’ forms… making up plenty of my own and mixing sort various short forms. American Japanese style and traditional haiku do not always meet. And I am not one to loose sleep over the differences. πŸ™‚

  5. Put two people in one room…have three arguments… neither wishing to agree to disagree. πŸ˜‰

    I have not researched Basho much. I think I like both the man and the myth of the man πŸ™‚

  6. So. I Discovered I had been here before.but that was a mere half-decade – nearly – ago and my synapsii seem somewhat slower now. As is my usual wont rarely do I enter doors without signage saying no admittance. A true pal would have built-ed me a up esdcalator for my downward trekking. So. ‘magine my surprise when I opened on that little bit of linage under your banner, methinking for the first ever time. And you think it was I who saved your life…Naaayyy, your phat phrogishness, ’tis you who have saved mine…so many times past enumerating.

  7. Even if you did emplace a “period” after the J which of course now necessitates me slapping some cosmetics-ings after the J so it doesn’t get period-ized.

  8. Thou’rt ill – as opposed to merely, and usually, sick? Sympathies to your “owners.” I have of late decided on reclusion of sorts until my universe relents at least a little. Thass-right: forgot to acquire a flu shot and now it seems The Taiwanese have a carrot with which to dangle over the Red neighbor…hope it will prove effacious for at least the ROC if not The PR’s.

  9. Besides the flu, I have allergies that I never had before, all part of Mother Nature’s bid to clear out us baby boomers before the asteroid hits. Ah, for the good old days when we only worried about nuke-a-caust. I envy your seclusion, Basho would be proud of you.

  10. read the entire thread – as if new. The “I am So Ill” photo could, and should, provide entry to any of the better acting schools. I will go now and emote – or is that evoke?

  11. For about two years I caught every flu around and became deluged with allergies. Since this Corona business started, I have been healthy as a horse. The gods are such teases!

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