5/28/15 bambi

grasshoppy bambis
skip along a garden wall
mom points out goodies

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5/28/15 fawns

tiny fawns leap up
frolicking with hummingbirds
mothers forage on

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5/28/15 grass

does canter lightly
along the tall, thick bear grass
babies jump and dart

Photo by J Kirk Richards

Photo by J Kirk Richards

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5/28/15 via Dell

poems on the walls
never at a loss for words
in this seaside house


cottage rooms papered
with poetry– the bedroom
ceiling: Neruda

(Note: above haiku inspired by Dell Clover at http://www.dimscribblesdiary.wordpress.com)

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5/27/15 rewrites

when we meet next life
let’s please not marry again
just coffee would do


cherry trees sporting
halos of spinning petals
a spring wind whipped up


sweeping off the roof
ankle deep in oak blossoms
I see you dressing


birdsong everywhere
string quartet from my felines
clawing the screen door


children connect us
like a garden’s stone bridges
even when blooms wilt

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5/27/15 Kochi

the hills are blazing
farmers cleansing the soil
summer in Kochi

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5/27/15 air travel

but in a car crash
I won’t plunge 12,000 feet
with screaming strangers

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5/27/15 FBI

called the FBI
signed up for the No Fly List
hate flying that much!

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5/26/15 pencil

my pencil burns slow
diminishing with each word
twigs without tinder


foolscap of scribbles
elusive spoors and traces 
the quarry still hides 




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5/26/15 Jenny 

jenny wren can nest

anywhere, no place too small,

a flexible wife

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Memorial Day, 2015

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night
only because rough men stand ready to do violence
on their behalf.” – George Orwell

our world does not turn
marines know,
unless they die to make it so

they don’t fight for you or me
nor for policy nor for liberty

it’s for them hung in razor wire
it’s who’s guarding their backs
it’s jarheads dying in friendly fire
it’s teens going home in sacks

the granite of the next long wall
they’re the core of our nation’s soul

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3 haiku, deer 5/25/15

Look! fawns! baby deer!
I dash window to window
cats dream venison


right here, a doe says,
live locked-up frustrated cats
let’s shake rumps at them


next door has roses
I leave their gate wide open
so deer can drop by

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5/24/15 Three rewritten ones

seashells in a jar
leavings of lives, countless lives
catch the dawn light



this lotus survives,
embraced by muddied shallows
all else washed away


white almond flurries,
flowers fly around our feet
church bells’ vibration

(Inspired by haiku of Issa’s about a temple bell)

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5/24/15 squirrel

squirrels’ tail-gate party 

right below our bird feeder 

robins leave early

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5/24/15 fence

at a neighbor’s yard

fresh gloss glimmers with morning 

a newly built fence

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freckles for breakfast

hearts in my eyes & stars in my heart

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