Plump 5/5/15

a plump blacktail doe

foraging our yard’s flowers

grandbaby points, smiles

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Loss 5/5/15 rewrite

Elderly men mourn

A long ago war not won

Soon peaches will bloom

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Tea 5/4/15

cat lying on my chest

tea cozy over my heart

nights still like winter

Yelp 5/4/15

the felines yelped me

only 2 1/2 stars

meat’s not chopped enough

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Chores 5/3/15

woman doing laundry

longer she lives, the more chores

a bird outside calls

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Songs 5/3/15

babies singing out

birds on branches singing out

leaves sway in rhythm

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Absence Finds Me


One of those I should’ve wrote ….

Originally posted on y:

absence finds me in
the likeliest of places –
in the shower this
morning, when i
flip the soap over
so that the
lettering is on
top, there will
be no one to
flip it back


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Baltimore 5/2/15

cherry trees in bloom

along River Potomac– 

Baltimore in flames

(Inspired by poem “Rift” found

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Mother’s Day 5/2/15

roses for mother

she’ll get a refund, of course

but will keep the vase

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1965 bug 5/1/15

’65 Vee-Dub 

speeds by– a few leaves remain

of once great forests

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Raven 5/1/15

KNOCK KNOCK on my door
a raven’s long broad coat tails
dragging on my porch

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cave 5/1/15

tree cave in the woods

all ready to move into

Wi-Fi, bed and cats

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Heat 5/1/15

wife and our four cats

snuggle with radiant heat

she purrs, dreams of fish

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Apples 4/30/15

apples on a tree

I thought dead; a withered limb

shakes a twig at me

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War 4/29/15

blood was as water

lives so many storm blown leaves

my soldier’s story 

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