slinky sliced-up jeans
she takes a long drag– exhales
desire drifts off


5 thoughts on “1981r

  1. Been there; felt that; smelt (and saw) that, too; And went back to book with no sigh. I used to be long ago an ashtray myself and have no desire so to stick my face into another after a generation removed from flinging good money after bad breath (and health). Thanks for the mem’rie trip, good sir! Oh, and the girl perched on the barstool at The Alley in Sanford, whose photo you admired, she abhored smokers, too.

  2. Vietnam cured me of ice cream for several decades. I confess to slow return to frozen egg-cream custard in lieu of smoking, since it took severe cases of athleticism (rugby) and then poverty to accomplish a final – one hopes, though a tasty premium cigar keeps whispering in my ear – resolution whether to puff. I think my idea of roast garlic-flavored ice cream (when roasted, garlic’s harsh esters convert to sugars) a more boon to man- and woman-kind – and womankind especially if they like being hirsuitly tickled whist being bussed.

  3. My favorite treat at the soda counter of the drugstore was an ice cream concoction called “The Idiots Delight”… a banana split on steroids

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