pictures of children
once on the mantlepiece
–now only of cats


One thought on “733

  1. I mishit the button, so you got only four stars. How cruel of cats to claim pride’s place in thy pantheon. But a fully formed child – sans the occasional grand or great-grand child/footwarmer – is no match for a chext/foot/face warmer with a built-in motorized massager and the sometimes really reassuring touch of barely-sheathed paw claw caressing a cheek or nose. Beats – but not by much – a sandpaper tongueswipe from its poochness, who whenst alive also thought it was a cat as the cat thought it was a dog and whenever possible I thought not…not…naught…okay, naughtily. In Mandarin, I believe, a cat’s common sound is the verbalized name of the cat…Not exactly meow but homophonically so close as to tickle a whisker…or at least that is what my Mandarin speaking-and-writing Sister-in-Law says and scrits and, alas, I was sober at the time, so the information may be skewed.

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