A plumber snakes clogged
Pipes while I sit and watch,
Jelly doughnut in one hand,
Checkbook in the other.

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I miss the book covers
Of what women sitting in a park   
Or subway or cafe are reading
On their kindles or tablets.
Gone are the times I fear
When I could saunter up with
Hey, how ’bout that King Lear?

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Baseball Haiku

A chilly evening
Fireworks underscore chants
Of “Go, Giants, Go”

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Leaves do not willingly leave.
They’re dumped, booted, laid off
By branches who bled them dry.
Unneeded helpers scatter like pollen
On wind or brood how to return
To the windblown heights.

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In villages and on farms
Old ones lay themselves down
So their grandchildren
Can eat a little more rice,
Have a little more warmth.

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Addendum to a War

Huck Finn scouted for Sheridan,
Tom Sawyer piloted steamboats
For the South. Neither survived,
Neither has a grave stone.
They’ll not appear in words again.
Only their home, the River,
Recalls what they did as men.

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Squirrel Haiku

A fat squirrel shakes figs
Off a tree by the window
My cats observe from.

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Elderly Chinese Couple Exercising in the Park

In a hidden glen they mimic
Waking swan and soaring wren,
Slowly raise their arms to bright
New coins in the treetops.

Each day they eat less,
Take less room and trudge
Together tenderly as if lost
In a high pavilion garden
Where a thousand flowers bloom.

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Drought Haiku 2

The rain gods tease us
With hardly even enough
For washing my car.

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Jewelry Maker

One drop of garnet
Goes on another;
Her hands flutter
As around a harp
Picking at the notes
Of my heart hanging
On invisible strings.

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