3 thoughts on “2715

  1. Oh, great! All our bi-coastal subway thugs – not forgetting you too, Chicago – are gonna emigrate. What a precise eye you have my good Juice.

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    Such a precise eye and edit-brain. The previous trolly’payday somnambulence theme works – different and perhaps marginally better. Okay: maybe NOT sleepwalking – how about sleep- riding or -sitting? Sprawling? Whassup? all their thugs in government and not out on the streets like honest thieves? Will Japan consider swapping? Enjoying your perspective good sir!

  3. Okay, I mislaid my interpreter-eye: it’s not a subway but a trolly or a steetcar. The principal’s the same, however. We are missing something real important here: If only we could get ALL our thugs in governmental service – federal, state, county, city – we then could sleep on our way from work with our pay packets sacrosanct, except from the aforementioned local elected (and appointed) thugs out there “serving” us. Someone go dig up Rod Serling!

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