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    Charming, Juice. However, I must raise a grammatical quibble: shoulldn’t that be “each one “AN” haiku”? I know, convention is found beside good manners in that trash can by the teacher’s desk into which she puts my papers atop her copy of Catch 22. Really clever use of the old well. I am more that my usual impressed. J

  2. I thought that was your copy of Catch 22 in the teacher’s waste paper basket. The part where the enemy pays Milo Minderbinder to bomb his own base is priceless.

  3. I pray in both churches and sometimes change pews. P)lease. Sometimes “An” bakes better bread; sometimes “A” The chew is all. Had a wonderful row with an historian – she said “a” over her book’s title. “A History of The First South Florida Missionary Baptist Association.” Our publisher sided with her. Now, Juice, “A History (of just about anything)” comes off pretentious or even less-so, ignorant. neither appreciated the point. I cashed the check.

  4. No, no: her copy. I had finished mine and warred mightily not to tell her to skip immediately to the chapter “Ntile’s(s[?) Whore.

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