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    some of our primate as well as quadruped cousins really like the taste of real ripe and fermented fruits . Oh: the editor arose waving his blue pen: in your copyright, notes, etc. section Bruce, good Sir, I see a (c) 2018 hanging out. Just picking at free-range nits.

  2. The loquats are all gone now – some few for me most for squirrels. We did not have cold enough long enough to encourage a few to remain on the stem to turn wrinkly and brown and – maybe, just may be – ferment. I’ve never had stem-fermented Japanese Plums, good sir: I eat them like the candy sweet sugary succelences they are without the “help” of alcohol. But I bet those never-to-be-sufficiently cussed squirrels have underground (above?) little bistros where they serve plum-delights!

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