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  1. Just got our La Nina forecast a fortnight or so ago: the rains I had counted upon are “gone visiting” and our best hope is the increased chances tropical disturbances through November and probably onward. I must increase my beer consumption so as to facilitate “watering” the container garden. Oh, what suffering I endure for those ghost peppers. A rite nifty poem, Juice. I’ll top an extra miller just in its mem’ry. J

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    had to look up spelling for exquisite – I knew there was an eXe in there somewhere. What a good turn I did, giving La Nina to us on the lower southeast so you could have washed windows. The ‘ku makes it worthwhile, even though Inow must drink extra beer to provide water for my hot pepper plants.

  3. we got rain three straight aft’noos: yestadey’s was ’nuff to scare the frogs and flat rocks. A two-fer set of fronts…expect temps to be in the 50s next night. Heat index of near 80 by noon. The bike ride to downtown library raised some non-lacrimal wet, so I pedaled harder and got a nice pre-chill goin’ on. Chores all over the place keep me from doin’ my dooty toward the tanka. I still recall my
    Brit Lit senior year teacher telling that only vowel-starting words qualify as alliteration. Have you a confirming source, Gospodin?

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