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  1. Ahha: mystery announced! I will be posting – entitled to you – shrtly on Commentary, etc, a “review” of sorts on Donald E. Westlake’s posthumous but never post humorous “The Getaway Car” in which he gives the best – and shortest – award acceptance speech: “I don’t speak; I write. Thank you.” That wit (expired Dec. 2008) had brevity’s soul by the short hairs, neh?

  2. Swiped right outta my mouff, my man. But none of my “awards” ever required me to speak, although I attend but one (actually two: the second was Orlando Area Press Club) such: Florida sportswriter of the year for Special Olympics coverage. All I did was treat the results as if they were – which they were in fact – actual competitions. All the results got printed: if there was any noteworthy achievements in age-group categories compared with non-S/O results, the S/O athletes got a story on their accomplishment. What some of the parents said to me – at the awards banquet – after they had seen what the local S/O coordinator compiled of my stories and photos was more than enough to compensate for not getting a chance to “wisdom words” again. All we wanted, most said, was for our kids to be recognized as athletes and for their results to get printed. So I got a statewide and national (honorable mention) for being a tabulator/typist with a few short sentences occasionally tacked on. The other local, regional, and state awards ceremonies: I attended but one, and found out they had 3-liter wine bottles left unguarded. After a toke and took a take and wound up on the front lawn of the awards venue – Orlando Art Museum theatre, painting the green grass purple in peristalsiic upheavals. Hold a few records myself in that event before I retired undefeated.

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