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  1. Not true. I read every one. I even have a file of the ones I like but I gave up keeping it because there were too many. I’m discouraged about Linda’s Couch, my newsletter. I send it out to about 30 people and I asked for a simply reply and like 4 people responded and they really like it. I know it’s not original like your Haikus but I thought it was informative and useful. Now I don’t know. With no car I rarely get out, so I try to keep occupied. I am drawing 9X12 size tarot cards in my own style and each drawing/card gets at least one original Haiku to explain its meaning. I get really lonely though. Art is not always a warm lover. Probably went on too much. Sorry. Love you.

  2. Thank you , thank you so much for keeping track of my efforts. I am learning that having a regular audience or followers does not matter. What’s important is the creation and preserving it online. Pebbles in the garden. Your art enhanced my words not long ago. Can you send me some more? The tarot theme is interesting.

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