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    What I wrote when first I saw this on Twitter stands so true this now: Wow. One of the best yet! I do hope the sainted pair find a common scent to help keep The Kid quiet so they could have time to make brothers or sisters. What a clever piece. I will not be surprised to find out He like the joke, too. Still a-alaughed, I am.

  2. Thanks for the years of bonhomie and encouragement! Don’t forget who my catnap revue is dedicated to. Best of the season and happy new year, stay crantankerous.

  3. OK; I’ll bite: whom? Do I haffta go back and look a the masthead and huntitup? Hey! I thought it was you encouraging – okay, enticing, cajoling and threatening – me with your such good stuff I hadda at least try to see if I could plant a few stragglers in the muck from the big truck of poetry you writeride along the lanes by which I do my trods.

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