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    Wishful pumpkining? Anything to avoid winter? C’mon leatherhead: I just took a garden-hose shower in sub-65 degree Fahrenheit and dread with more shivver than I can – or should – share the next time I approach the door muddy and know this scum must come off outside. Besides: who keeps a pumpkin on their table? Any decorative cuts? Candles? Just think: but some few months you get to welcome Spring. Again. May so it be, Juice. I trepidate for you, my friend.

  2. Not cold enough…the hose(es) on black plastic sometimes need some cold added to make it bearable. Besides, at both PISC and Geiger for ITR I found that The Cold Shower Heads provided a quicker in-and-out than (especially at Geiger’ ancient heads) than jostling with eight or 10 others for the tribal wet-down, lather-p and rinse ritual, though I still applied the logic on my solo frigid head: besides I got this great rep for being last-in, first-out “do not fool (euphemism mine) with that madman. During major power outages I lay out 20 – or more – naked 2-liter bottles on heavy duty black plastic in a four- to eight-hour sunstrike spot and, if for me inside I need to “cut” that 180-degree F+ water two-colds for one hot. For dishes and laundry – straight up. Got better ways to spend money on what the sun yields free. I use the garden-hoses for – yup – garden duty during dry times. In a pinch I have considered getting a tankless water heater, but whatifnoelectrics comes ’round.
    Now, pray, good sir whatchew got against an honest nougat Zero Bar? Are you waiting for a certain corruptible to come-of-age so to share the ‘bidden delight. I do prefer Milky Way to Snickers…such an awkward name: why not just call the peanutty thing a Guffaw Bar?

  3. I think the process for changing the year is found in the last field on the dashboard’s right-most edge: something about … wait…I shall go back and so not despoil your good cheer with flummoxery. Aroint and anon!

  4. Go to your site: hit WP Admin – hit appearance (a sidebar) go to header…there you will see your Cat photo (Nap Revue-ing with a blue circle on the left side with a “crayone” inside…hit that to edit.

  5. Sent process to the Milky Way commenbt. Go to My Sites, hit WP Admin, hit appearance which reveals a sidebar called (among others) header…the blue-rimmed edit icon should do the trick…mine will wait new month.

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