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  1. What my tree rats (okay, gray squirrels) did to my last saved lobes of ladened loquat branches further has hardened my heart. Those robbers sans barons do not know who lucky they are the live in a land without sufficient freezes to render their flesh stew-quality. Now, I glee over prospect of Category 3 Him-ICane for my revenge. The squirss wreaked terrible wrath thrugh my one – and lonely though I continue efforts to propagate – Chickasaw Plum this last season. That and the nearby bronze muscadine (native Florida grape) suffer more ravages than mine. Hurry: must go correct yard-furniture and combost-bin lid placements for The Coming Blow…but days before I know for sure. Oh, well, The Library is Closed Monday for Day-Labor, anyway, and since it is on a main government power trunk should soon be operational after Old Man Blowbegone.

  2. As S.L. Clemens noted in his “The War Prayer”: take care for what you pray – in that when you pray for rain for your own crop lest you unknowingly pray for drought for another neighbor’s. I watched the Isobars and Isotherms and was not surprised with the ‘cane stalled – with no steering winds aloft to speak of – and the Andros Islands and part of Grand Bahama endured upwards of two days of 185 (gusts past 220 mph) to 165mph winds so far the most in recorded European occupational history. What had me concerned was the numerous tornado-spawn thrown off by near-approaching Eye-Wall brushes and contacts. Looks like Parris Island and Swamp Lagoon had their enjoys…this morn, Dorian back up to Category 4 (110-105 mph steady). All that heat energy from The Gulf Stream. Expected to warm Nova Scotia before taking its ride to The British Isles as a remnant (I hope…but in all such destructive acts from nature comes rebirth, no?) I thank you, Bruce for approaching The Bench on my behalf – just wish you had a better client. Have spent-up (or is that pent?) scrits to screed, not but a few worthy of your eyes. Be Thou Well, Buddy. I NamYoHo for you and your owners. J

  3. I always look forward to your torrents of consciousness, you should’ve been a North Beach beatnik/hipster, with beret and shades. You’re enough of a swimmer, you could wash ashore in Cuba. Opportunities always come from chaos.

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