for serving water
apple cores, banana peels
deer rate me five stars


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    Must take ‘nanner peels offen the fare, good sir: my staghorn ferns and compost meant for me as vegetal matter like the potassium and phosphorus too much…besides here in greater metropolitan nowhereneardowntownOrlando Snaffurd a deer’d be a headlight ornament in moments. Now, raccoons, armadillos, coyote, tree rats and such they mostly ‘scape our notice…so my compost bins are locked down, though I do spread a table for them with the coming crop of sad and forlorn streetcurbed pumpkins with graven faces in a few weeks…I take the flesh, dismember and ‘post it…my worms love me. I love my working worms. But what’s this ’bout apple cores…Eat The Apple, pal. I use the rigid edges of the seedpod holders as impromptu flossing agents…the stems I find succulent. Someone once told me apple seeds, like apricot and peach pits, are poisonous. So. I am, too. If not Three. Delightful piece of ‘ku, Juice.

  2. Out by little brother Storm’s “shack” in Seminole Woods the deer demand their due by coming to the screened sliding glass and poking a nose at the glass – thankfully no hooves – if that branch of fambily has yet to set out a feast. The area long ago had bobcats and longer ago had I am sure Florida Panther, but now it’s coyote and dear turn vicious when tutoring young. I let my garden get holed and gnawed and trim and wash what the other denizens would like of my un-alloyed produce all wihtout a whiff of pesti- or insecti- cides. ‘sides, why wash a juicy tomato or a leaf of collards when at most all the contiminants you get are the same as came out the car that just drove by? You two are – and my prayer is will remain – blessed.

  3. I don’t cotton to them kinds of seeds, Sir. But they do make good husks for use as pathway mulch-fillers and such. Bone-meal (gruesome, no? and Blood-meal go into the mix along with epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) and generous dollops of dried urea containing not enough nitrogen to require federal tagging but make my grays go green. I had long been told apple seeds toxic. Yeah? How many orchards’ worth must I munch to see Edouard Munch paintings before I hop off and croak?

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