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  1. For which should I feel sad: the ones left to star-gaze and condensate-glean conversing in hushed whispers so as not to scare the fieldmice nor warn of patrolling owls, or the ones facing dueling dental and facial surgeons with the prospect of a lovely melt of wax from the interior lights just installed. Most good jack-o-lanterns are said to be unsuited for pies, especially as is the case in heathenflorida they are left to cumber the laughingly-referred-to-as-stoops front doorways and modest three-steps-up porches. Will one pumpkin do? We’re past the plastics down souff, sure’nuff: we has gradeeated pum’kins ’round here, hear? We gots the mommas and poppas and the little sister singers Mackenzie-sizes – and even a few smaller as well. Did Ohio overplant?

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