4 thoughts on “2113

  1. As I entered the second line I had a sidebet with myself about a cereal ad theme crouching around the corner with a paint bucket and brush asking if I had a willing nickle or dime to help him paint a picket fence…and then my fantasies fulfilled…sorta…and I found my flop-flipped feet (left one) pierced by a bougainvilla vine castoff piece of underfoot crackle with thorn just promising to stitch my unwebbed big- and index(?)-toes together should I be so foolish as to jump up and down blister-bubble popping in joy for the coming Atumnalia!

  2. Who Dares Wins. SAS motto. As I recall it was thee first shewed me the delights of bowl-passage from Banyan Tree boughs. And as I recall again it was thee, dear Angel-Wing angler who formed the third in our impromptu game of hey-diddle-diddle, play a football drill three-man weave around a different banyan as Cid’s obtrusive white econo-van tried to catch culprits in the one- banyaned open field before the gulag known as H&HS snuffie barracks at K-Bay. Plead thou not innocent of stray-leading, your worship! We have – if not witnesses then memories corrorable – possibly evidence to appeal to an equable agglomoration of partial judgesnesses..We insist the following consequences: First we indict and then try the judge(s) and then the lawyers (apologies to Keith Lamur’s Retief series of diplomat-at-large novels), then we may try the case…unless a miraculous bar opens for business then all adjourn…except the guys with wigs and robes.

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