7 thoughts on “2081

  1. Stay a day longer? That special with The Old Capitol (either way to spell? Capital? – Something like The Spanish pilgrimage trail? If I understand correctly, missing moonrise means more than a tomorrow retake, neh? You have my most sympathetic commiseration my friend.

  2. I borrowed the theme from a Buddhist proverb that states how can you see the moon over the capital if you stop halfway in your journey. Or how can you enjoy your enlightenment if you stop your progress as a Buddhist. Believe it is credited to Nichiren.

  3. I would be unsurprised…even if Nichiren swiped it off a Daoist handbill left dangling from a winter-wind divine storm shipwrecked junk. Wasn’t sure enlightenment was a goal vice a handy-dandy tee-shirt picked up en route nowhere and allwhere. I rather guessed your Kyoto themed ‘ku was much an entendre as poem…or is that redundant? I go now to my keyboard’s demands and later under rushing downward waters mix refried pinto beans with bacon grease, day(s) old rice nice and shiny yet toothsome still, green onions, rent chicken, what cheese I may find and perhaps a few slices of red-ripe jalapeno for lunch-supper with a cooling beer as I sit and rock in the front-hall doorway with bare feet dangling and tapping in tune with the rain…and watch 12-year-oldishly as the lightning bolts cavort behind the centuries-old Life Oaks. The ginger – and galangal – have been chaperoned to separate stages for a variety of purposes, not least of which is a taste-test of their flowers, whose survivors will visit the salad bowl later. I am here, however, ostensibly to sift the detritus of competing I was Good First! campaing flyer ads for who wants the job of judging me now: my gift to all – let judgeships fall to the least of us and their pay be determined by rates-of-recidivism: which will necessitate homelessness and soup-kitchen attendance until such time as recidivism rates begin collecting themselves…serves several purposes perhaps most notably the improvement in poor-people services since there then would be a client with both gavel and robe amongst the rabble. Hell. Why limit the good just to The Bench: make all Public Servants (elected and appointed…and that includes those with guns and those with fire-hoses and first-and-last-aid bags. Sure, it will swell the throngs seeking alms but think of the empty barstools from which I might pick for my daily twosome of hops? Be well in thine searches grandpa!

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