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  1. And how many towers of skulls did it take to make it safe for a virgin carrying 20 pieces of gold to talk unmolested from The Black Sea to The Pacific? By some accounts 30 million died in Ukrane at Uncle Joe’s order to strip that place bare of food. And what we infected those blankets meant to replace the almost-exterminated buffalo might even surpass what the Spanish, The English, The French and Us did with syphilis. My question: is it true or only my dead dream that only since the middle of the 20th Century onward have women and children – and then only in a few places worldwide – and, yes, men as well, have not been universally considered chattle? I’d rather more millions die to erase slavery than more billions reman so enchained.

  2. Always felt the Soviets were not properly credited with reversing the Nazi tide. The USSR inflicted over 80 percent of all German casualties. Antony Beevors wrote a great little history of the Stalingrad battle.

  3. Churchill encouraged Roosevelt to let the Germans and the Russians bleed themselves as long as possible. But FDR’s socialist- and soviet-admiring coterie kept pressing for a Normandy solution while Churchill wanted the Romanian oil fields and thought Italy and Greece a likelier prospect: both men and both allies’ financial/industrial leadership viewed The War as more an opportunity for profit and power than for people’s salvation. And for letting the real American threat: Japan (and -much later on) now both China and I suspect India as well) designs on Australia’s open and mostly unpeopled lands offering a relief valve from overpopulation and potential food-growing areas. We let leaderships – regardless of stated idealisms and methodologies – rush too soon and too eagerly into self-serving plans to save us. What about Australia – and its unique, except for Antactica! – emplacement on this planet do we not understand? Do we even partially comprehend DreamTime? Hell, do we give any credence to our own Native Peoples’ legends and myths – which for us moderns we call History and Science instead – as having any validity at all? Do not recall the title but read a few years ago a fascinating scientific effort to understand the emanating source of another dimension’s intrusion into our own which resulted in The Skinwalkers mythology of the Desert Southwest stretching all they way up near the Idaho/Montana area. Will copy down the relevant info. We understand nothing. Perhaps that is because we keep trying to overlay our something atop the vast and rich layers of “nothing” surrounding us. I got into a real argument when I proposed The Battle of Kursk – not the Campaign around Stalingrad – and the Campaign to take Guadalcanal and not The Battle of Midway were the real turning points of World War II both on land and at sea.

  4. Like that guy in the AAF named Colin(?) who got a Medal of (dis)Honor for flying his now-crippled B-25(4?) off The Philippines (all unproven by any otherstretch except, possibly, those who parachuted from the stricken plane into and sinking a Japanese warship – in a hollyweird scriptwriter (and decorations desk flunky major probably) way, Collin Kelley…mem’ry has’t not failed me longishly…but it is the short term allegedly about which I must worry. The problem with our stars is they see things both Heaven and Earth fail at which to squint. Had it not been for the slaughter of not just USS Hornet’s (CV-8, thus Torpedo 8) Avenger torpedo bombers as well as those from Saratoga, Enterprise and one other I believe but have forgotten, the Zeros well might not have been on the deck chasing down the torpies or fighting – and killing – almost all the dive bombers except for one squadron which successfully got three of the four carriers from Nippon. Thus, history conspires to make mean and make mighty it seems more by whim than by the fortune of having deciphered many of the IJN codes. Only the championship arrogance of Japan’s leading naval and army lights concerning not just information secrecy but almost all matters of operations in a contest with near equal arrogance and idiocy by our army and naval leadership

  5. lost control and posted: idiocy saved Representative Republic(anism) from the twin demons of socialism and hereditary imperialism. And the rest of that war gives rise to questions of sanity: Lysistrata had it right: men are too stupid to be entrusted with war. She said that after having read W. Churchill’s commentary on Troy, I believe. See your copy of unpublished Euripides. The stunningly stupid charges of a million Kulaks into the faces of German 88s at Kursk – one millions troops on each side and 100 thousand tanks from each as well I seem to recall, in one month fertilized western Russia, though the plows for generations would break on big chunks of metal flowerNotpots. The gal who put a daisy in that M-1 at Kent State didn’t just have balls, but brains. Now, I am no less a monger after war than the next Marine who went to see The Elephant, but I’d have rather been between those thighs than waking up alone and dead and floating, blind and deaf. But it don’t work that way, buddy. The testosterone already had slipped past the neck and invaded the cranial spaces not filled with rye argot.

  6. Will do. Presently rereading Edwin P. Hoyt and (the other guy: mem-lock) naval Samuel Elliott Morrison’s series of histories about The Pacific Campaigns…doesn’t everyone read three-four books at a time…one for each important sitting room. No. Not that one. It’s uncomfortable, doesn’t recline and visiting eople passing down the hallway keep telling me “that” door needs to be closed, and what are you doing eating a sandwich and taking slugs of beer while operating from the other end? Note: no efficiency experts among the lot! Pardon: today is for reading friends posts and not pratting on about my alimentary habits.

  7. Always thought that couplet idiotic. “As he died to make men holy, let us Kill to make men free”, was my preferred point of soldiery. Like the sign above the rifle range at PI uttered: “The Purpose of Rifle Marksmanship Training Is to Make The Other Son of a Bitch Die for His Country.” I am sure that incorrect speech has been rescinded in operational fact since those halcyon days spent running about singing “Kill VC! Kill VC! and ever so much worse, I am sure you can attest. Christ, it is well known, comes in on the side of the heaviest artillery.

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