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  1. Wise. Bobcats are nothing with which to trifle. Why was I surprised? You have deer – you have bobcat. Most of ours out-competed by smarter and more successful coyote and, of course, cars. Despite the professional nay-sayers, I have seen actual – as well as sign and scat – of Florida panther – now mated with Western mountain lion for genetic diversity when the damnfools got off their genetic purity high horse and made a real effort to save a very inbred species.

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    Good decision, Bruce Jewett: Bobcats be dangers not just to fawns but to subjects of cats as well as cats themselves. You have deer: you have bobcats.

  3. It was pitch dark, terrorizing sounds that either came from a bobcat or one very large feral cat. I felt badly for the fawn. But next morning the resident two does and three fawns were present at breakfast. Gave them extra banana peels. Glad no one was lost to a National Geographic moment on my watch.

  4. Natty Geo gives watch-premiums with subscriptions? I save my slip-on peels for the compost or the bromiliads – especially the Night Blooming Cereus plants (which are cousins to the Suagaro (sp?) Cactus. – left my spell-cheat book back at the orifice.

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