5 thoughts on “1966p

  1. Okay: I’ll bite. Where is the key which unlocks the door on this tantelizingly retouched photo even fuller of enigma than before?

  2. Ahh…employ=-ment. And what we do to it. I am comforted it is not just I who flail. Have you seen my wheat field running about The Bay, by the way: something to do with the stainless steel-toothed flail with which I was thinking of flailing, or failing that, threshing. While waiting the second-set of okra leaves to avail themselves of Ol’e Sol before I went ruth, pulling out the extras in job lots: just call me Ol’e Joe – Mengele of Stalin: I have yet to decide which…did you know okra is cousin to hibiscus? Too sad I spent no time in microbiology for that to be meaningful. I think I shall repose hammackward before the ‘fore-eve’ thunderstorms, perhaps tantelizing a taste of rum with my aqua fresca made from reconstituted ‘biscus flowers. Be well and slide not into yon bay.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes. After what we’ve done to mother nature, I will not be surprised what her payback will be. The payback is a mfker… old marine adage…

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