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    The “proof” might have something to do with the 21-year-old single malt Irish two-ounce sleeping capsule I swallowed. The house has seen bigger “blows” than this, Bruce. And I do Blowhard rather well if I must so self-advertise.

  2. Since The Cross Florida Canal was – finally! – nixed in 1970s the sub would have had to enter The St. Johns River via its Jacksonville-area inlet and traverse the shallows of Palatka before wading with its conning tower visible and its hatches open (to let the smoke escape) before reaching Snaffurd. Hereabouts they had to dump loads of dirt-n-debris along the runways at the Osceola Airfield out by Geneva – our highest “hill” in Seminole County to stop the C-47s from doing touch&Go Bale-drops…the poor runways and taxiways were the substitute site (for two years) for The 24 Hours of Sebring (Florida) Road Race as they resurfaced and rennovated the airport in the South Florida town just North and West of Lake Okeechobee and near the Tampa Bay drugport. Oddly – or not at all – one of the major dominant drivers of such endurance sports car races was busted for drug smuggling just as he was getting ready to retire. After the race returned to Sebring, it was not so long afterward it was cut to 12 hours. Not enough Speed, neh?

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