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    When I “retweeted” this I thought I wrote the pithiest of replies…I so admire a confirmed Laze. The commentary was both haiku and tanka and I shall repost same someday soon…but now I have a possible tropical storm to celebrate…after just planting okra.

  2. There you go, taking the fun out of it…Monday the storm – if it is to be – will be coming ashore (somewhere between Naw’lins, Lousiana or The Big Bend of Florida just North and West of here, and I will be at the Memorial Day ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park (formerly the old, ugly and buggy bandshell on an out-jutting beakwater pier writ large thrust into Lake Monroe at Sanford’s downtown at the northern terminus of Park Avenue. Someone who relishes rain – and even sound effects – must be there to bid a fond hello to friends’ memories. I promise to wear rubber-bottomed beach sandals and stand nowhere near the tall flagpole. Loved this day’s blogwork by you, and had to repost,. The 40 Thieving Deer got my reply on Twitter and when more time obtains will so duly copy at RW. Be well yourself and slide not into The Sea for me, okay?

  3. I did not hear you blow your lifeguard’s whistle, Sir Bruce. ‘Sides: I am the one with a Senior Life Saving badge (and certificate if still extant…And I am allowed to run on the pool deck. Latest word is dry ’til later this afternoon and then wet Saturday-Sunday with the Tropical Storm Alberto wading ashore (Big Bend of Fla.-to-N’warllens sometime Monday morning. Will “tump” the veggie container plants probably sometime Sunday depending on rain. My Biker foul weather jacket, hood, and suspender-equipped trou are handy should I think it too windy for Mr. Umbrella of Golf. So, mommie, deareast, may I go out and stomp mud puddles – almost typed “poodles” – now. I finished my pancakes and sausage and “grits,” like a good boy!” Canneye, please? With cocoa puffs on it?

  4. “First, there was “The Word,” Then The Word was…changed. Not until Monday it seems should we go to full – or partial – innundate. The Memorial Day Parade begins at 10, the 8-bell ceremony starts at 11. I shall bring my bad yellow biker foul-weather jacket – sans the trou – and take my chances. Been going every year for a couple of decades. One pair bring their Mity Mite mini-jeep amphibious assault four-wheeler designed to “last” 72 hours of beachhead combat, and a four-wheel drive Mule (sans the traditional 105- or 106-mm recoilless rifle, in mint condition. My first “Swamp Lejeune” assgnment was to PM the mity-mite and take it on a three-hour tour of Camp Geiger (the ITR portion of Swamp Lagoon) to give it a workout – and then back to the motor pool for another PM session…somehow that took me two full days. They never did let me play with the mule. I promise to swim through the floodwaters, since I have yet to deliver unto you the codes to WP et al. And my tournament approved chess mat and 32 pieces – sorry, no clock. O didn’t tell you earlier as I hunched you might put out a hit on me for that. Be well and do not slide into the Humbolt!

  5. That fact has unescaped me. We had little wind, ti-ti rain – but the seven inches the past week was augmented by two more as Alberto swung past – and now the trailing “arm” coming out of South Florida may or notmay add further insult to a vastly spoiled weekend of clouds-n-sun and not much else but one r two brief downpours. Stay uphill, buddy, no surfing the landslide, por favor! The Memorial Day trek to Veterans Memorial Park (the old bandshell jutting into Lake Monroe and serving as a big, fat seawall to the two-basin downtown marina, was even better than the parade…The Southeast’s longest continuously-held such march through downtown’s first street to Park Avenue and thence to VMP. I even endured with no applause from me the obligatory “I’m running for reelection” from a DemoDunce Vietnamese refugee lady who kept sounding so blessedly conservative, but I was there for The Names from Sanford and Seminole County who exist only on engraved “paving stones” ringing the park’s open space fronting an elongated horeseshoe leading to a winged Bald Eagle behind the flagstaff.

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