last light of the day
deer perfectly still
fortress of shadows


2 thoughts on “1845

  1. Crafty Light Warriors who make shadows a defense and still a strategy. Once while supine back down in an overgrown field of tall grass I came awake quiet and still to see a deer standing over me front hooves straddling my face. I suppressed the panic but then the Tom turkey strutted past and gobble-shook both the deer and I. That cat danced perfectly past my head and leaped its hind legs over my now-quivering torso and legs. It was at an old borrow pit – surface mining sand for development in the East-Orlando area called Greater Metropolitan Downtown Bithlo – to my knowledge the only municipality (mostly of trailer parks and brothel-bars and one recreated stockade-of-sharpened=logs Second Seminole Indian Wars fort called “Fort Christmas” which rerains a stopoff along State Road 50 leading for DisneyO-do to backdoor to Kennedy Space Center and Cocoa Beach where I dream of Jeanne rubbed her lamp under Astronautical hands – ever to turn in its State-issued Charter as a city…soon thereafter the laws were rewritten until Lake Mary found itself illegally trying to become a Seminole County City – and with luminaries’ and donors and WigBigs’ help turned the trick and now is a head-rest for the rich and famous and the people who worship them.
    Benny Hinn used to live here until Texas lost the last poker hand and had to take him in trade. We got the guy who invented Chun King.Bithlo still a rabbit warren of trailers and now The Red Door Inn ain’t red no more.

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