pretend there’s a bear
roaming the hallways
it wants to shoot you


11 thoughts on “1826

  1. And I always though deer. You enlighten, though bear-claws leave not only sugary flakes along a tailed-stalk hallway but their clacking wakens the prey. Most clever five-beater, Master Bruce. Will you submit the mailbox haiga to failed haiku anytime soonerishly, or did I miss that’un. #28’s pair very pleasing.

  2. And, there I was guru-hunting and I find my post-simian banana-grasper gone a-huntin’ hisself! I guess it’s ‘splore the how-to’s (are there more than twos?) for rescuing previous postings into a “page” and the arcanea of putting copy on pics and such. The cover of the latest Unfixed Haiku is a stunner: and the exposition by ye editer-in-chieves trenchant and his insights slop over his bucket and wet my teeming feet, which, by osmosis one hopes, will see sometimes – or days or months, etc. – without such much-gratefully received signposts planted in paragraphical forms. I would volunteer to be one of your many “beaters” in search of uneluding a bruce-proof, my friend.

  3. Shouldn’t there be a comma after “however” your Bruceness? Sounds like a friendly service station attendant’s greeting…but I digress: wondering if you had encountered S. M. Stirling’s near-dozen novel series “…Novels of The Change” in which The Willamett Valley (and river, et al. feature largely? With wicca, christians, jews, buddhists

  4. oops: cut meself off there. A worldwide “dying of The Fire” and a return to non-combustion and un-electrical living. I think 11 books so far a wonderful swashsbuckler with meat on the bones for a good chew. Currently re-reading The Protector’s War. gardening, cooking, singing, equine, canine, feline, crafts and crofts and baddies and goodies and later some mystical semi-answers to unasked questions.

  5. Been liking Mark Kloos sci-fi series that echoes Starship Troopers, I think first title was β€œterms of enlistment,” very nuts and bolts writing. All time favorite series is by Patrick O’Brian, first book is master and commander, damn fine writing.

  6. A solar storm cooked the telegraph system in 1850s. Could happen again… question how long would it take to repair the grid. A world without juice.

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