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  1. Thank you, no. Why my TeeVee rusts quietly summers else, though the ray-did-eee-oh supplies all the gore-and-grind my hearty used-to-be-healthy mind may suffer. My daymares suffice, good sir! Shall I fling for you on FB your new MOS number and appellation? Youse now a 4531 Combat Mass Communicator…which on reflection far outpaces the clearly defined 4591 Communications Strategy and Operations…sorry I was laughing so hard I squirreled over the last word…but I digress: how and when, by the way, do we combat mass communicators? Is it a religious thing or merely a plea for stopping subscriptions and/or hitting the “off” button? All this courtesy GySgt Jason Fudge – how apropriate, no?

  2. That was a kick in the head. Worse than changing service number to SS. I’d love to hear the rationale of changing our beloved mos.

  3. I shall so elucidate. Suffice – in shorts, but not brief – to say some bring turd near The Divine Throne at Joint Base (yep! Army post also clumped in but I get-for which) Henderson Hall (HQMC) came up with the notion to follow The Harmby, HairFarce and Nayyvee in further obfuscatinig and duckin’-n-dodgin’ realmeanings with some serious fecal droppings…there are no ‘G’ or ‘S’ Shops at division, regiment and battalion levels either! They’s all shooken up in one convenient cannister and each has his fingers (or hers since no one knows the Genderless He anymore!) in all the damn pies everywheres! I have gotten trapped in The Book of Faces for nearly all my time today but I have muchly new stuff to sling at the PressWall and may steal a pal’s library card and a-scoff-lawing I will go. But suffice to say. I will read you guys first.

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