rain rain rain
pouring green
into the new leaves


15 thoughts on “1786🌳

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    Send some ‘extra’ here, Bruce. Loved this one: I did my first five-count three-liner this morning walking downtown and now have to go back and blame you. I see what I see/ and say what I know/ and sometimes am wrong/ You continue to amaze. Thanks, BC

  2. Them “mike-mikes” always make me nervous. Kinda like my own Ten Gage – the trick is picking the right meaning of the latter, no?

  3. And, of course, I must make note and question: was “haiga” eucharistically mystiped or are we on a ramble here. The word mystifies, Sir Bruce-A-Lot and before I mount up on unwinged charger and off I hie me to google, I will say thine home-cooked triple-nickles – and other trysts with forms not found either in English nor its Latinized Alpha-Bet(a) give me much upon which to gnaw. Mil Gracias.

  4. Pardon this, Juice: Ahh, so! Thou has increased my teaspooon-before-fountain of knowledge. Haiku rendered pictoral. You pry open the bars and drop in the pay y agua. Just found a fool who thought my Lemonade Lucy reference to his diatribe a swipe at his patroness, St. Hil of No Mountain Whatsoever. Such spats leave me unspent but still in need of ablution. Oh, well, ‘nother liftime, Marine.

  5. “Haiga” is legit word meaning a haiku or verses on a picture…my 5-5-5 aka go-go-go concotion is a pattern of my own, as far as I know. Check out haikutree.wordpress.com … they had links to explaining japanese poetry forms.

  6. Absolutely. Why is it that so many just-returned Vietnam returning infantry Marines had such almost-eerily similar plans. A pair of Sanford just-returned 9th Marines (one actually Delta Company “The Walking Dead” vet – figured on stealing a six-by slapping around its sides and rear, claymore mines electronically controlled from the “shotgun” riding beside the driver while an M-60 on a uni-pod post worked out to give the trio working the 60-mm mortar up next to the cab. Just to drive through – you know who’s – neighborhoods. I wondered – and then remembered how these two a good half-dozen years older than I – exhibited no telltales of such behavior before Vietnam. Then I learned why War is Such A Dangerous Occupation at the point just behind The Bayonet. For Any – and possibly Every – One. Thus endeth the sermon; there will be no collection.

  7. Oops, as to Golden and AT&T’s payday bonanza to the six or so banks Roger Rapping Stone brought forward from his “inside the bunker under rocket – and presumably heavy mortar or arty – attack Up North near the DMZ, many a similar “rap sessions” took place within the range of my hearing whilst huddled below-ground as we received in turn gifts from far away as we had so sewn earlier in the day. I preferred to dream of deliciousness – a pal’s Mexico City grandma (Abuella!) putting enough fresh-cooked in tomato-fish broth tuna stuffed in steamed and then grilled poblano chilies and canned just for her boy working six – of was it seven? – years a Marine for a time at war far from home just to become a warrior in his old sense and an American citizen with a better future. I hope he made it home and brought his grandma – and her recipes! – to the US as well. This sad and sanded country well could have used – and still does – such people (the Marine and his Abuela (sp?) – to season and strengthen our land.

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