rain rain rain
pouring green
into the new leaves


15 thoughts on “1786🌳

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    Send some ‘extra’ here, Bruce. Loved this one: I did my first five-count three-liner this morning walking downtown and now have to go back and blame you. I see what I see/ and say what I know/ and sometimes am wrong/ You continue to amaze. Thanks, BC

  2. Them “mike-mikes” always make me nervous. Kinda like my own Ten Gage – the trick is picking the right meaning of the latter, no?

  3. And, of course, I must make note and question: was “haiga” eucharistically mystiped or are we on a ramble here. The word mystifies, Sir Bruce-A-Lot and before I mount up on unwinged charger and off I hie me to google, I will say thine home-cooked triple-nickles – and other trysts with forms not found either in English nor its Latinized Alpha-Bet(a) give me much upon which to gnaw. Mil Gracias.

  4. Pardon this, Juice: Ahh, so! Thou has increased my teaspooon-before-fountain of knowledge. Haiku rendered pictoral. You pry open the bars and drop in the pay y agua. Just found a fool who thought my Lemonade Lucy reference to his diatribe a swipe at his patroness, St. Hil of No Mountain Whatsoever. Such spats leave me unspent but still in need of ablution. Oh, well, ‘nother liftime, Marine.

  5. β€œHaiga” is legit word meaning a haiku or verses on a picture…my 5-5-5 aka go-go-go concotion is a pattern of my own, as far as I know. Check out haikutree.wordpress.com … they had links to explaining japanese poetry forms.

  6. Absolutely. Why is it that so many just-returned Vietnam returning infantry Marines had such almost-eerily similar plans. A pair of Sanford just-returned 9th Marines (one actually Delta Company “The Walking Dead” vet – figured on stealing a six-by slapping around its sides and rear, claymore mines electronically controlled from the “shotgun” riding beside the driver while an M-60 on a uni-pod post worked out to give the trio working the 60-mm mortar up next to the cab. Just to drive through – you know who’s – neighborhoods. I wondered – and then remembered how these two a good half-dozen years older than I – exhibited no telltales of such behavior before Vietnam. Then I learned why War is Such A Dangerous Occupation at the point just behind The Bayonet. For Any – and possibly Every – One. Thus endeth the sermon; there will be no collection.

  7. Oops, as to Golden and AT&T’s payday bonanza to the six or so banks Roger Rapping Stone brought forward from his “inside the bunker under rocket – and presumably heavy mortar or arty – attack Up North near the DMZ, many a similar “rap sessions” took place within the range of my hearing whilst huddled below-ground as we received in turn gifts from far away as we had so sewn earlier in the day. I preferred to dream of deliciousness – a pal’s Mexico City grandma (Abuella!) putting enough fresh-cooked in tomato-fish broth tuna stuffed in steamed and then grilled poblano chilies and canned just for her boy working six – of was it seven? – years a Marine for a time at war far from home just to become a warrior in his old sense and an American citizen with a better future. I hope he made it home and brought his grandma – and her recipes! – to the US as well. This sad and sanded country well could have used – and still does – such people (the Marine and his Abuela (sp?) – to season and strengthen our land.

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