in the gold country
mourning veil of bent willows
children’s small crosses


4 thoughts on “1770

  1. I see you’re still exploring death. Is this a cemetery in California? A cavern?

  2. In the early 70s I was hiking in the gold country near town of Jackson, Ca. I found a small area covered with either willows or something close to willows. This was in scrub terrain, no civilization for miles around. Shaded by the branches was a grotto like area with three, maybe five crosses of children who died of disease in the 1870s. The graves were well taken care of although no roads or houses around for many miles. This is one of my pieces that makes sense only to me, more of a personal note.
    There is a big casino there now and I wonder if that tiny cemetery is still out there.

  3. I briefly scanned the history of the building of the casino and there were some obstacles. I doubt that the cemetery was plowed over but the graves may have been relocated.
    Have you explored Find A Grave?

  4. Thanks for the follow up. You’re probably right about them being relocated, the site looked tended. I think I’d need a name for the find a grave site but I neglected to write any particulars down. I don’t think I could ever find the tree cave if it is still up there. Anyway, onward to more cheerful topics. Thanks for your time and trouble, Debbie!

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