1952 Black Vincent

vincent motorbike
rusting in her backyard
red molly now gray

(Click on the link for the song.)


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    Bruce! We never knew ye! I found a Cushman Eagle making love to rust well off the intersection of two four-laners put in decades at least before. The belly-tank shifter moved! Wanted to cart it back (a good half-mile) back to the jeep cheokee but thought better of the aeons-long involvement with a project like that for so little return. Better to have salvaged the rust and left the scooter to its quiet demise. The Northeast quadrant of Tuskawilla and whatever-n-hole the name of the E-W intersecting boulevard, but it’s probably under some just now falling apart hastily-thrown-up condos. Did have a fling with a Norton Commando a half-century back, though. Loved the green-tint logo-glasses.

  2. I don’t have a story like your friend shared so eloquently, but I can respond with yet another “Bravo! Bruce”. n I listened to the song. and others linked up and found them delightful as well. the old traditional Triumph will always be my favorite.

  3. Had a Suzuki 500 rice burner, two stroke, gutless on hills, so sez I, put on a larger rear wheel sprocket and a duckworth chain and went up to Ornery-gon, and doing 60mph the chain did me the courtesy of yanking the primary gear and oh, the loss of oil, not to mention my mind. .. did not dump the bike, so frozen in fear be i that my arms went rigor mort on the handlebars… hitched to Seattle where I found a friend with a van for the humiliating drive back home…

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