surrounds and within
we are glasses of water
deep in rhythmic seas



8 thoughts on “1525r

  1. Me? Generous? Support: of course – in a self-serving way: have you read all the wonderful likes n-such on FB and even a few TwitterLikes of your stuff swiped and posted by me: sometimes guilt forces me to acknowledge you is you and I’sI: even if Yasmin Khan “Yassy” seems stuck on webesame. It is I, sensei, who is in your debt.

  2. And your style, good sir: scrutable and herently “co,” with flashes of whimsy and wonder liberally strewn throughout with cat-n-such commentary but to me most importantly an eye wedded (or welded?) to your unique pen and, via keyboard or pad or like device, a sometimes touching, sometimes guffaw-inducing worldview in seventeen – or fewer! – syllables. My appreciation of the work – even and possibly especially – when our worldviews are at odds – grows past any point I might have expected: knowing you and gaining entree to your writing – especially – has been and continues to be a privilege.
    (Yes: you saw through the ploy – the play – I do indeed have no haiku to fling forward and have time for effusiveness. And a minor stroll down uncomfortable lanes within the realm of Commentary, et al. A short treatise on the state of 1960s bathrooms in Toulon and Izmir and from there extrapolations and surmizifying the harshness of the personal soft-paper possibilities in certain now-infamous locales.

  3. If you stop locking your knees, Leftennant Vice-General, you will find the ability to attention-stand simply hours and hours listening to some private ninth class expounding on the availability of steaming prose: sufficient flies attracted free of charge! Haiku is for people? Now, you tell me. And here I thought it was for laughing cats! Are you implying my shitstorms sweep far inland hunting prose islands to ravage? In the immortal words of that famous former Combat Correspondent’s Association honoray member, Ed McMahon (sp?) as he wiped the mashed potatoes off his face at said association’s awards banquet one salutary year, What? Me Worry! I shall try to arrange aforehand -or arm or leg – the transfer of requisite data to MV CA the pertinent codes whereby you may become encumbered with lucre both clean and filthy. Loved the linearity of “short attention spa…” Wasn’t there a theatre piece by much the same moniker? Short Attention Span Theater? If not: hie the hence most hencefully, Sir Bruce The Remuneratively Desirous, and copywrong such phrase – or is it phase? – and thus beginneth your meteoric surpassinghood of Gwenneth (sp?) Paltrow et al….at the very least!
    I have haiku to distribute and thus must leave this fertilizied field.

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