never shoveled slush
never put on chains
or do snow angels


5 thoughts on “1514

  1. You’re really missing something from not having done “Angels in the Snow”. As far as chains and slush are concerned, forget it. No need to be put through that.

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    Did all three in P(hilthy)hiladelphia my last year looking like a green hotdog. Snow-nail tires outlawed in The City (ear up the pavement too much) but no one paid any attention to the chains I’d put on that little blue VW on my way to winterwonderlandishness. Rather shovel slush than muck out a cow or horse’s stall – and, yes, did that too. One snow angel enough – and that was a slip after much sip.

  3. Never would I pollute a good container of Bushmill 21-year-old single malt with mere chipped ice! For shame, Juice. But I have been known when living in such climes to use a particular – red ribbon tied ’round its upper base – to chill certain wines, most all beers and a few cordials and such which take to that kind of beneficial abuse. But good hootch?

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