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  1. Soul, borrowed, Juice; but, I ‘preciate the sentiment allthemore. Will continue the program whilst you burn chaff of FalliCornia. When state and fed DEP declined to allow property- and homeowners’ permission to clear their brush – and worse decided the Native Amerindians’ plan to pre-burn to allow new grasses to flesh out the animals with whom they shared the land planned burns were declared verboten, not just in your state’s high-value (actual worth about $.50 an acre, possibly as low as a quarter) but at the inception of modern Amerind practice of preventative burning, Yellowstone because “the tourists wanted Green and they pay the freight…so the deer, the wolves, the bison, et al. suffer. Here: since the 1998 Florida Burning calamity in which much of the state above Lake Okeechobee took fire, we have returned to pre-burn burning. The deer say thanks; the puma and bear go about with bibs already tied and the rabbits and cottonmouths and rattlers make friends inside gopher tortoise burrows – “don’t need no stinkin’ canaries here, man, just cozy on up and we will settle our affairs after, ok?”) I stood a fireline of hoses on full fog-nozzle in 74 when Debary and Deltona burned to a crisp and volunteer and professional firefighing companies from three counties and most cities line up along several of the interior roads in Debary – across Lake Monroe and The St. Johns River from Sanford – and when the crown-fires began rushing towards us we already had all the roofs soaked and turned out attentions towards the tall, old Live Oaks and the few “roman candling” old pine trees and knocked that damn fire down in a whoosh. Almost as good as the sex that went – yes, anti-pun – when I got back to Lake Mary (just South and West of Snaffurd – and found girlfriend chatting with girlfriend and her daughters. Now, that was a graduate-level class in awkward. Be-est thou well and tell that to The Bruce, good felines. Like your new pictures: planning to join The Circus as a tower of cat, you guys?

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