3 thoughts on “1403

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    I can see Bruce Jewett’s gleeful CheshireCatGrin over this as he fires up his trusty iron(y) to treat his robes to a YulePress. A treat to read, Juice!

  2. Really? I use holiday cards to grind black pepper to put in small take-away jars for picnics, etc., and they are indispensible for sorting the crushed red peppers (dried) for size and texture, but I will accept your word as a man of some judgement. I like your words -etherically or even on absorbent paper which may then be put to many uses; however, I find phosphor-generated words from The Phat Phrog just phine. Tell the felines I said hellomeow and one day will find where I hid the catnip planter, but I suspect Juicewrapper will have a steady source stashed just outside the bird-window.

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