4 thoughts on “1138

  1. Since we disagree and you know that already, thought I’d say I really liked the work you put in on this. Still chuckling about the spinning dead who stopped butt-up.On a less offensive note: Last time I saw Kathy Griffin on The Tube she had some flesh on her self…is this the new Head-Cuttin’ Slimed-Down look, or is she just trying to out-Dorian Gray?

  2. Never saw Kathy Griffin but heard about the decapitation meme. Pretty bad taste. She is probably just another boomer showing her age… camera angles and make up can only do so much. You and I probably agree on some major issues but I am chary about foreign oligarchs strip mining what little there is left of our economy. Will I have to flip hamburgers in Kiev?

  3. You are right, too easy to use our honored dead for any and all agendas. I am taking it off tweeter and WordPress. My belated apologies.

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