where’s daddy deer
knocking back a few
at the buck stops here


8 thoughts on “1126

  1. Oh igNoble punisher: why pick on Da(t) Ol’e Deer? You know what he faces to home: Wife with fawn wantin’ lettuce! Entertain Us! You got any cartoonists to whip up an R. Crumbian anti-bambi feature flick: I’m game! ‘Scuse: gotta go quaff!

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    So that’s why the guy with all the hats hanging off his own headgear came into my favorite watering hole grumbling ’bout having to go get some lettuce for the ol’e lady and brat!

  3. The finest example of top-notch pr-work belongs to The Bald Eagle brigade. Those brigands, bullies and busybodies steal from Osprey, chase off honest carrion cousins and eat their hard-won lost flesh and in general run amok amongst any bird – or fish or small mammal – that catches their fancy, preferably after some other honest predator has killed it. And – and here I stand with B. Franklin) we elevate it to symbolhood over the smarter, more rugged and ruggedly independent Wild Turkey…which, truth to be told, probably is happier to represent a fine-tasting ‘Merican tipple than a pack of despots masquerading as a country’s elite.

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