giving to the very rich
and refusing health care
our generous poor


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  1. Can you trade some of your generouspoor for our hands-outstretched street-beggars who drive to work downtown Orlando from Seminole County in the North in muchly new cars and extract sometimes upwards of 3-C-notes a day? Not to mention, of course, selling their EBT cards at 50percent par value to just-as-unscrupulous sharks inhabiting so-called business niches. I have nothing against health care for any, but I refuse to call in “Insurance.” Insurance is what you buy -or have bought for you by extracting taxpayers’ dollars – for the unexpected; health care is what you do for yourself – or have governments do for you – to prevent, protect and preserve ill/good health. And a federal, state, local bureaucracy living off the manner in which such is dispensed is shocking. What dribbles down often is ignored or contra-indicatedly dismissed by the recipients: some hack/cough smokers drug-drink doers expect me to sympathize and I both don’t but also resent their holding welfare-generating babies over the same shoulder by which the converse with others with cigarettes dangling just inches away. And no one it seems speaks for the truly endangered, ignored or even by my lights abused, it seems. Sorry to – no, I am not – rant so. You might find more willing readership of your point were the message more refined. The Rich – that dastardly 1 percent – pay 40 percent of all federal income taxes and the poor – 47percent by last count – pay nothing. Where is the fair in that? And by no means to I fall heir to the pinpoint pinnacle, rather since I eschew both social insecurity and combat-related veteran/s benefits (payments for disabilities), I will take my stand and draw flies in both hands, if it pleaseth the court.

  2. Now that is a pleasant thought: will it be by gluttony or gluteny? I do not subscribe to either cant: this current shakedown right outta Jesse’s playbook and the heal-me brouhaha cites feelings not facts. Show me the mass graves. Wonder will we find out Yellow Sea loaded with petro-products with majorminor elements worth golden buckets. The reason to defend Korea, just like we undid in Vietnam – after the minerals and such – is to keep buidness’ sea-lanes open from long-honored piratical influences stretching past such mere moments called Islam to logs with reed sails stopping smaller canoes for purposes nefarious. The Health Care/Health Insurance scams are as much about social control and experimental evolution of societies by both sides as it is about telling gluttons to quit giving themselves diabetes m. More neighborhood gardens and playgounds – with armed guards 24/7 and more long brick-concrete walls with pock-marks aplenty for those who would trade in poisons and perfumes to keep feces popular with the smelling crowd. It’s about extracting the most money available in the disposable dumpster/bucket in either case and Korea as well. The last “public” health initiative I noticed having done something good was the Salk-Sabin situations. But when March of Dimes morphed into breatherite causes I became just a lighter shade of cynical. Unsorry.

  3. As with unvoluntary vaccination to attend government – and most if not all private – schools, I heartily endorse adding a non-lethal dose of flourine to drinking water: I use Crest. But I do thank yo for the attempt to chainyank, good sir. The goofs hereabouts done did the floridation is communism danceless song near seventy years ago. It’s crank that rots teeth. It’s cant that rots brains. Could I interest you in some catnip? Got a friend married to a friend and he wants catnip for her cats – now growing on him – I was thinking of a snoop-n-poop to their house some dark thirty and putting the potted ‘nip in a hole outside their house by the walkway…the cats do not venture past the walled-in garden interiorly, so they will not come outside, tin cups in hand (oops, paw) shears in cup pleading for the kindness of opposable-thumbed strangers for their daily dose. Do cats with catnip to hand go bonkers and refuse to leave their stash? Damn. One of (I hope there’s more) blacksnakes found dead yesterday at the curb by the trash pickup cans. Used to cross its path all the time – sometimes its mine by mere inches as if to say: I know you. I think a deliberate driver rubbed the curbwall to out the getting longish – near three feet – snake. That sucks if so. Hey, mister – and I suspect I know whom – would you spend a moment of your precious time supine by my walkway in yon gutter? I gotta gift for you…k(h)arma(n) Ghia across your metatarsals?

  4. Some cats don’t react to catnip, many do. The seeds should be available at your local pet shop. Probably better to grow it indoors. Have not treated my felines to the drug culture yet. Isn’t their an old blues standard called Black Snake Moan?

  5. And I have a six- or seven-book Blues Library to which I will soon reture so to attend. Thanks for the tips on drugging the cats – I used to think people who puts cats on leashes don’t need drugging but dragging, now I am convinced, having just seen such torture: it’s not like cats scratch feverishly, without probing provocations, no?

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