you saved my life
not cutting me off in traffic
now you own me


3 thoughts on “1081

  1. Need I remind you you’re responsible for me after pulling me out of the drink after I was disabled by drink. I have a list of your obligations to me. We can start with rent and car payments.

  2. Consider them cared for: had I recalled at the time I well might have waited for Roger. But, then, owing you care and feeding – what by the by, is a car payment? And I am somewhat confused by the notion I must attend your ‘rents: are they unpleased with your provisioning towards their wants or needs? I believe, actually, all I did was swim – by leg-kick alone – beside you at Sandy Beach between 7-, 8- and 10-foot shorebreak boomers and advise you to relax and let the next big wave (we were just outside the shorebreak and the – what I then called undertow and now know as rip tide – was taking you further off-shore and you were confused because all the struggle to get ashore was in contravention to said tide, so I coaxed you into swimming sideways a bit to get out of the rip) and let it take you into the pounding zone. Then: good Bruce, I believe I said: “that damn wave will crush you flat. Let it. Take a big breath just before and go limp. When the water runs off you back and shoulders, stay there: wait until it is coming back of your knees and then push up with your arms and hands and go into race mode. Don’t worry if another breaker slaps you down: just do the said – relax and wait. And then rush shoreward again. I believe we both had to take two such poundings before we gained dry sand. Best time I ever had body surfing was Sandy Beach. I didn’t understand anyone not being enthralled by those glass waves of hurtling power, power enough to pick up up and bounce you along that curving wavefront – just like we’ve both seen tursiops amicus (dolphin/bottlenose porpoises) do time and time again at many Oahu beaches – and for me here in Florida as well – and who would not like to fly as those not-fish cousins? And for that thrill gladly will I accept telling your mom to listen to her slightly loopy son and to pray over your car. We square? I hop not. Aye, beauty, it was not the beast as saved you, but you saved the beast!

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