5 thoughts on “1056

  1. You musta’ caught one of them thar p;ro-fessional aggilators, often coming out of acting class at UF up in Gainesville. The ones I encounter in the swamps and streams and river and lakes often slip, slide and splash and swish-o’-tail ripple away – and then I breath again. Them 10-, 12-footers do little noislessly. When churning down the St. Johns River by small swift boat the ‘gators then do go silently – at least not over the chug of the outboard motor and dive deepishly so no ripples ensue.

  2. You smell ‘ef first, like snakes just before you step on the non-rattlekind. But with gators, the foetid funk of rotting flesh will forgetyou thoughts of a kindly application of Pepsodent upon toothsom near-‘dile.

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