tv watches me
hone the macarena
an audience at last


6 thoughts on “1053

  1. Are you sure the TV’s watching you? It might be, but … you know … it probably isn’t. You know, just an idea.

  2. Don’t trust the smartphone? But they seemed so friendly … and smart. Next thing you know, they’ll be things in outer space watching where we go and marketers will know what we had for breakfast last Thursday. What’s the world coming to? Everyone should just stick to being on the internet … no one monitors you there. 😉

  3. I just waved to a quadcopter drone buzzing my window. If that’s you, hello. You have a good point…. just let it all hang out on the internet. By the way, I like your dragonfly.

  4. What! You saw the quadcopter? Man! It’s hard to make those things stealthy. But anyway, hello back to you.
    And … You liked the dragonfly? Wohoo!!! That’s nice to know. Stay tuned because there’s a whole post series about them going on right now. There’s going to be all sorts of dragonflyness coming up.

  5. A gutbuster funny, Bruce. BTW: since fcc (or other fed-reg) all televisions sold or made in US must be cable-capable and thus are capable by reverse polarity of becoming (in the case of antique analogs with digital converter boxes and antennas) a camera instead of a CRT screen and a microphone instead of a speaker, operable from “the other end.” /signed/ BB (no holding company required).

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