near diamond aisle
and televisions
budding cherry trees


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  1. I haven’t kept up with the Washington, D.C. freeze dilemma: did the cherry blossoms there survive the cold: ’twas supposed to be at the magic mean 26-degree Fahrenheit mark at which the blooms die? I see so little such news: my navel is full. Are your blooms By ‘The Bay?” Which bay?

  2. Unfortunately no big Sakura display here outside of golden gate park. ..that’s for the blooming, not the budding. ..I need to get a pic from my local costco of fruit trees (saplings) on their sales floor..Japanese news has nightly updates of where the cherry blossom front is arriving….people party with their coworkers under the cherry trees…lots of dead soldiers in the morning swept up by grannies….

  3. Latest news – the 26-degree kill the blossoms limit – reached in DC over night (Mon or Tues) by the radio said today very man survived, so the march madness continues by Sodom On The Potomac. I’ve not been up DC-way for the event, but do limit my few trips to early Fall and Mid-winter just to avoid the crowds. AMTRAC from Winter Park or Sanford an easy overnight hop at about ^0-bucks a nice way to go and you get dumped off at Union Station, a short walk or busride to The Mall and thence to everywhere worth going. The Wall, of course, Smithsonians to-be-sure, say high to Jeff and The Gang and go wallow in Foggy Bottom at The Tidal Basin and tour The Trees. Now, since it’s been a ten-spot of years I five-get whether it was 60 for both ways with wi-fi, not-impossibly priced beer and they allowed me (then!) to carry on a dry-ice collapsible cooler (full of mine own many inches thick super sub and a couple of beers and a wine with other cold-capable snacks…but I did take supper on the train: worthwhile.

  4. finally slowed down enough to read the passage as was writ. You shop with such benefits! And, yes, we get hard rocks and rockhards placed close to each other too, but I mostly eschew. My one-eye died last eve…will mourn, bury and perhaps hiatusly await with more books, more notebooks and some blues and Dvorak and such for a time. Will make do with my Chickasaw Plum bloomin’ parade as I take the morning sun.

  5. No. I just read too fast: not even one obscure, but perhaps three obscure. Sometimes we see what we expect instead of what is there – even with writing, I hear the words as my optic nerve tries the front door, ‘specially when it’s others’ words. But, in all, I must say, your revisions worth the wait. Got word we go out gopherus polyphemus-looking Monday. So I shall enjoy college basketball both weekend afternoons.

  6. Left before my commode-brain finished flushing: I have a septic-ocean full flotsamed with unworked tangles I might charlatan into poetry. Some I return to and rework, often backwards-in and sometimes upside-down and a few times scrub and simmer, stewing a new ewe. I await your pleasure – now, how to get a cherry tree rank to line up inside the store and still drop petals along the picture window’s outside face?

  7. Must I call a boxBig? What, pray (or is that in my case Prey?), and how I offend this universe so to find that chore facing my way? As To polyphemus(‘d) gopherus wrangling, yesterday was the search-phase: local (h)airport of international status, so marketed as Orlando-(first)Sanford(second) to trap unwary Brits and scalionsDeRap into landing here and then NOTmarketing various and divers dives and notdives down- and around-town. ‘Twas where a new (or second: and be-powers depondeth not to meUnpowers which) so we were in restricted area and they closed down the N-S main so we could do the valley between the two shadows and suchlike, plus a triangular patch where the new-un will go…fournd approx 20 holes needing further ‘vestigation/treatment with a gentle backhoe but at which time unspecified. Involved traversing about a 50-yard swathe stretching a half-mile or so back-and-forth, my trusty 6’6″ 30-year-old (for me, now) cypress sapling found in a nearby swamp facing Lake Monroe – found during a drought so I tootsied out in my tenni-pumps instead of a sensible pair of snakeboots, and took poorly developed sots of -sams, both flot-aed jet- and found said stick (about 4-in. diameter down low and narrowing to a point of about 2-in. on top, just fine to fit a roll of engineer’s marking tape when’st I go a sauntering by-lonesome into the hairy and nary no-trods-here patches looking either for consarned individualist gopher tortoises – they are much like people, some gregarious, some lones, some eat grass others prefer our nopales-producing local cactii, all are prey for rapidly expanding coyote, fox, feral dogs and fools who think Depression Chicken – their old name – is fine sport and good pot-filler, but worst of all developers who know high sandy spots which used to be reserved as scrub and later perfect for orange groves which required lots of imported water and later heavily phosphated phertilizer which muchly runneth off into the cricks, streams, rivers and lakes and go go help generate algae blooms (red time is offshore, green gunk inland and near-shore and both suck oxy out of water and thusly render Mrs. Paul stickless. So I go find the GT’s (no O involved, but the occasional Oh, My allowed) and then return with the wrecking crew to glean for missed micro-holes hiding the few (and fewer and fewer each time it seems) baby hatchlings up to two years old or so and in general Step-N-Fetch and perform field safety and hole-collapse rescue duties and mostly walk and walk and walk: keeps figure svelte or so I say and my taste for on-tap Anchor Steam (and I’ve lost my connection for Anchor’s succulent Porter which I drink with KFS – knife, fork and spoon – and treat like a chocolatey hash dessert. Is that enough to unsommulate? Later, good sir. Stretch cats’ tails and say hi(gh) for me. The damnfools who voted for so-termed medical marijuana now are truly pissed to find it will be unsmokable only – pills, tinctures and such – and soon their wallets will be asked to unfurl to fund the recreational varieties…took med-mar more than a year (or was it two?) to get ALMOST to the point of a storefront opening for such dispensing as a script might allow. The lawyer – John Morgan, Esquire) leading the way because his bro’ got paralized by a sobercar decades ago, says he shekeled out $10mil to get this first step, and you know his firm will be representing each and every denied client,and just droolin’ for the day when recre-dope goes dow so they can defend each and ever unmaintainable driver or walker and flopper who fouled other laws. Ain’t demoCRACY crazygreat?)

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