3 thoughts on “1025

  1. Methunks ChiCom Nabby already has dibs on the big seafort just off the Left Coast ob De Panhamahha Commahl. Sometimes dat man jess doan nowhens to shaddap and jessduehit. The current theory is the mass destructoweapons most all the big nations own merely are means to siphon excess wealth produced instead of returning it to the producers (and of course the owners and investors, too – must bow to the capitaldasists amongstus – because our economies – for the very ones who manage In Trust Of Course this wealth for us – are so entwined we can not and will not allow the geese who go golden to get irradiated. Me? I’d prefer we put our nukes in orbit past Saturn – Pointed Outwards – but that’s grist for other mills. Nice poem, Bruce.

  2. We’re gonna really like nukes if needed to dissuade an incoming apocalyptic asteroid. One species killing event can mess up ones whole day. That is assuming that we have not done the deed to ourselves. Ah, these heavy winter thoughts….

  3. I saw no comma, nor ‘tose, between winter and heavy or even winter and thoughts: and I thought the came in pairs these days. I stole the set the missiles out beyond Saturn from a short SF commentary regarding Captain Cook’s encounter with the Tongans, some 1,500 nautical miles away from their home islands in 150-foot-long double-hulled war-catamarans with more fighters (and rowers and sail-handlers) than he had on his lone small BritShip; and then his encounter with the Fijians some hands-breath of miles from Fiji in 20-foot single-hull small-masted fishing vessels. Guess which became a possession and which an affiliated full-fledged state which “allowed” England to represent the island’s monarchy’s wishes to the world? Guess which king (or queen) did obsequious ‘uflects and sat below and apart and which was accorded fellow-sovererign status? So, if not for Oortian objects by nature and Newton’s decree, then perhaps the lost voyager following our own Voyageur back to its ‘hood mayhap we should have an open-door welcome prepared – but with a fully primed musket, powder-horn and lead-ball sack slung over the door’s frame.

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