in his arms
an obsidian urn
like a baby


7 thoughts on “1003

  1. They exist… I checked with the local mortuary… would’ve been better if I said “dark marble” but like the ring of “obsidian”…an eight dollar word

  2. This was sad – I could just imagine someone having just loved the lost of their life, sitting on the floor with the urn with the ashes in their arms – all that’s left of their beloved 🙂

  3. I gave my personal mortician little brother Storm’s phone number in case they needed me at his place of work. I agree, obsidian a high-gloss many-dollared word. I still have an obsidian arrowpoint Storm (same bro) found in the 50s in an old coquina-n-shell mound-robbed bit of Developer Lust for a nicer parking lot without the payment for pavement: not really grave-robbing per se but pot-sherd swiping from coastal garbage pits called shell mounds. An obsidian urn mayhap might require even more deft striking-skill than a diamon-cutter, no? Thanks for the knowledge – not to mention the neat poem.

  4. Just read your two in “Failed Haiku” but it took a long time to get there: some truly amazing work going on. Will have to print out the email version for a better read. What a treat: and you must take the blame! (for the turn-on)

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