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http://failedhaiku.com for the best home of online haiku, senryu and other forms of the three line verse form. Edited by Mike Rehling.‬


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  1. That Sandy Beach brouhaha? And, yes, I did play a lifeguard at both an ossifers’ pool and a wilder lake patronized by wives and daughters and sometimes sons of sailors and the occasional gyrene, especially after their monthly (gate-guards) PFT run. Took the senior life-saving course in an unheated pool in Sanford in February, 1966. And as I recall Roger RappingStone summat helped haul your phrogishness back to sore. Did we ever get to hitch a ride on that massive airliner innertube that day? Then we piled into the smoking van by Herr Porsche and hit Eva Beach for a bit of Leeward surf action. Only saw the Sandy Beach imbedded galvanized pole stuck just past the break-line that Roger pointed out on my first trip to SB. I was fascinated by Blow Hole to the South, and remarked, I believe, I’ll bet this is where Deborah Kerr made out with Kirk Douglass in From Here to Eternity, or at least that was what the film was implying. Or was it a different flick – John Wayne as Admiral Rock in an escaped name flick in which his son Patrick was pathetic as a sycophant to a Naval PIO-type? Damme, still unrememberd title. Well: chores of a better nature call. It was all about Midway as I recall. F(or) U(nlawful)…

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