4 thoughts on “997

  1. Most often I’m the one who is stumped by an encounter from long ago and have learned to fess up and say: “You have the advantage of me: I’m memory-blind. What is you name, please? But, then, I’m too often so full of me I forget other bananas on the same stalk!

  2. Then there’s the times I have to hold my tongue while I fervently wait/hope for my interlocutor’s name – or the names of those companions whom I am assumed to know – come forth in conversation: most often with men – women I get early…perhaps prior conditioning. I formulated this – though probably stolen somewhen elsehow: Women expect to be lied to. Especially by men. The rule is: You may lie to a woman whenever you want or whenever you must. However, you never must lie ABOUT a woman. That sin sets you apart as one without hope or humanity. Lie to me, Sure! Lie about me, Never! I’ve carried that little bon mot, distilled much better than here, with me for years and have tested it out on numerous females, friends and strangers, aquaintances and in one fun case a lady overhearing the rule made comment. But I still run afoul of The Hideous Dress conundrum.

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