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  1. Grow ginger and wash – bit do not peel – then slice and micro-boil in well-watered teacup – and add your usuals. Dehydrate (microwave or air or machine) the Tanny-peels,or blanch in several waters and then steep in simple syrup (1-1 or 1-2 – or 3) measures of water=to-sugar just to cover. Simmer some 15 minutes, take out and air-dry then if you will, dehydrate mechanically, and when so put in a jar with granulated sugar for a nice crunchy treat, flavored sugar for most anything and to grind candied peels to put in what ever you wish. Sad for you to be flinging phlem on phormer trees, well masticated to be sure. Kwit kissing koffing phrogs! A more easily undersat recipt exists on FB but I yet have had time or “Page” upon which to inflict said restorative/alleviative.

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