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    Robin! You. Hood! What a delightful first two lines: Will pester Bruce about working a recapitulation into the more-than-adequate third line. Mister Lance Corporal Jewett’s economy of vision matched only by his whimsical nature.

  2. Bruce: as I perhaps overstepped in my reblog comentary: the first two lines’ economy of motion, humor and accuracy make me just pose the question: is there chance for a recapitlating third line. The sniper’s art (archer’s?) seems somehow out-of-phase – but on third rereading I see the aimpoint and agree mostly…for a triple vowel-based – now, damme, I’ve five-gotten the word for word-begins of the same letter in series: what kind of -heimer’s that be? I shall risk the opprobrium so richly deserved for the opening and go back to my house to ammend my reblog intro with commentary that I – again, once and yet, – missed the passed-pawn trap.

  3. You time-taker! I’ll have you know in multi-seasons’ YGBUR playing scrum half or hooker – both wonderfully apropos, no? – I “scored” (en-pitch as it were) but once and at that I got a facefull of lime “chalk” at the “try”-line. I, myself, find I need not just a new kitchen for stewing burner-backed bouncings between cranial cavities and pen-then-keyboard, I fear to trod under such implementia should sundering occur and I find bacon mixed with my grits, as it were….hmmm, sounds scrumptious!

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