scoured by rain
a mint silver dollar
in tonight’s sky


3 thoughts on “979

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    I was taking out trash at midnight and still we rainless had an unscoured sky and thus the processional moon moodly swung through its phases over the past few days. Hey1 Juice! Can you spare us a few draps ob de raihn?

  2. Except for deficiencies in ground water, northern Calif is over the drought. Been having a lot of rain since just before Xmas. I didn’t realize Florida was having a water problem. I will put some Buddhist prayer into it.

  3. This is our “dry season” and we just got about an inch yesterday in Snaffurd and WeatherRadio outta Melbourne (the Fla. one) says we are a quarter-inch over budget for Jan., and several inches over last year…but, then, their “averages” go back only to mid-last century – Floiduh did not have a paved road down the center of the state until 1924 (or 8) and very few weather-reporting agencies on the interior into the early 1950s and still no one does (or reports) any serious dendrochronological studies of which I might know…and even so, yes: we are in something of a minor water (aquifer) drawdown approaching what I suspect will be called catastrophic yesteryear some date in the future as yet undetermined. I did see the prettily-colored maps shrinking (intended!) the size of drought to just past LaLa and South but you know how I am partial to pies-for-charts instead…that way you have something to eat after. I worry and sometimes chant and sometimes pray for your waters to rise just so far and not much farther…but then I keep hearing about the snowpack – 60mm fresh has cancelled a major skiing event leftcoashishly and just tomorrow it seems there were calls to hang whomever at The Weather Channel un-effigied over all those broken ankles abounding from determined winterists bounden to skii on granite outcroppings, which as any cropped out mountain goat knows requires a special kind of high (and mighty). But I digress. I flapped the Swamp Lagoony water warning to FB and Twitter and blame you (unannounced should you want to be able to say y ou’ve had no outrageous contacts with water-drinking amphibious green blurrs.

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