family proclaims me
grandtoddler wrangler
off to the mall


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  1. And speaking of “Hostages,” I was surprised to learn the real name of that lovely Coastal Carolina campsite where I spent some several weeks as guests of our uncle sammy: Santa Elena Island was the first documented settlement in The New World (though St. Augustine, Florida, remains the longest-continuously occupied settlement in our portion of North America). You had not the privilege but I am sure you are now happy to know The Island Called Parris is and was a cross-dresser, having first favored the world as the mistress city of Spanish America…thass right,k my friend, Santa Elena was envisioned and laid out to be the Capital – and Capitol – of Spanish America…’tas its second-deepest harbor in America del Norte that came to be viewed as a safe harbor and refuge from those Dutch, French, and most of all English rapscallions who took too much of the gold (though one suspects Hurricanes and the necessity to seek safe harbor and storage along the coastal plains near the “Westerlies” to blow galleons back to Iberia rather than transit the doldrums and the Caribe’s famed fraughts. But, alas, the incompetence of Spain’s early leadership, etcetera, made the 200- to 300-family settlement fail and whiter until its but very recent relocation by archaeologists as the first great attempt to gain the great tongue of romance and intrigue and adventure for The Mother Country and thus we had to settle for this mish-mash. Thought you’d want to know.

  2. Thanks, Spanish colonization gets short shrift in our history books. Won’t even go into the Aztlan, lands lost to the US expedition to the Halls of Montezuma. Always wondered how many jar heads were actually there. There were about six at the Shores of Tripoli. Ah, England had the fleet and the morals of highway robbery. Every officer and swabby were entitled to a percentage of the captured cargo, ship, etc. The Spanish and French were probably told to be content with patriotic duty. The allure of booty is not to be underestimated.

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