cold rain, cold night
where do birds sleep
where do homeless go


One thought on “945

  1. I have slept under the lower boughs of a snow-frilled fir en route back to Jacksonville, North Carolina, trying not to become AWOL since in fact I was LibertyCardLess coming back from Out of Bounds Sanford (a tale soon to be told) and have noticed and walked among the various volunteer mushroom homeless camps throughout Central Florida – and no, I did not take camera as I do not want to exploit but understand – and see why some rather would take to the elements than be “sheltered” in some grand and terrifying “Hall.” As to birds: why, I suspect they make do with a leafy abode unless they have kids and then a nest. But, Juice, I like you bringing up the question. Some we should just visit to check health and keep the blood inside the skin, others, perhaps leave alone to destine their own fates. Now, as to quail and pheasant, duck and goose: I have a nice warm happy home anytime they so choose!

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